Pizzas but different
Juma Juma pizzeria is the latest addition to the Korean food restaurant chain. They make thick-sliced, Detroit-styled, square base pizzas with a selection of toppings inspired by Korean flavours.
We helped Juma Juma create their initial logo and then bulked out the brand through illustrations and the creation of their mascot Juma Juma. Juma Juma is a little girl, who the chain was based around. We helped bring her to life; giving her a cute squashed face and approachable smile. She can be seen throughout the store tucking into the different forms of pizza on show at the store.
The pizza boxes truly capture the enjoyment that the delicious tasting pizza brings, not only to the mascot Juma Juma, but also to their customers.

To help advertise the product, we helped the team at Juma Juma by creating concepts for billboards and other forms of signage throughout the store.

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