Creating mini utopias one smile at a time
Chihazirim is a small hand-made soap manufacturer and retailer based in the US. They combine their African heritage and modern aromas to create these unique, bespoke cosmetics.
The ambition of the branding was to create a bold, yet diverse brand, which represented their African origin, but still had a modern and professional look. Therefore the colour palette we chose, reflected these qualities and worked with the vibrant ingredients used in the soaps. 
The organic shapes and the icon created an appealing front to the business card for the owner to share. The shaping was also carried on throughout the website which was used as a shopfront for them.
We created a packaging range for the initial five flavours of soap from the launch. The packaging was custom made from uncoated art card with small holes down the side. This allowed the customer to smell the soap before having to purchase the product.

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